Meet Our Leaders

Rodney Butt, MSc MBA
With over 30 years in the industry, Rod has been involved in all aspects of drug development and clinical trials. Rod has acted as a liaison with Health Canada on research practices, lead global development programs and is a frequent lecturer and consultant in clinical operations and drug development.
Chief Medical Officer and Investigator
Richard Tytus
Dr. Tytus is an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University. He is currently a director of the Ontario Medical Association and sits on the national Virtual Medicine Task Force for clinical practice guidelines.
Sr. Medical Advisor
Huma Khurrum
MD, LMCC, Dip Derm, MSc, European Board certified
International Medical Graduate with experience in several foreign jurisdictions; Actively engaged supporting numerous clinical trials; Peer mentor; Passionate Medical Doctor specializing in Dermatology.
Principal Investigator
Dr. Eva Lonn
Dr. Eva Lonn completed her MD degree at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, clinical and research training in Toronto and further research training including a Master of Science degree in Hamilton. She is full Professor at McMaster University, has led major international clinical trials, and published over 300 peer reviewed manuscripts. Dr. Lonn has served in leadership roles for the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and American College of Cardiology.