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At Premier Clinical Trial Network

As a full-service phase II-IV clinical trial Site Management Organisation, we serve a variety of human health industries to provide the highest standards in Clinical Trials.
Our network is fully equipped for decentralized trials (DCT) as we strive to accelerate research through innovation. Premier Clinical Trial Network understands clinical issues that drive research: our services ensure patient-centered protocols are properly executed and top-quality data is collected without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

Experienced Site Management

Our sites are dedicated clinical trial facilities featuring parking for trial participants, clinical monitor rooms, highly secured supplies rooms for investigative products, and secure storage for study material.
Additional site resources include:

Spirometry with pre & post bronchodilator spirometry and FeNO device

Annually calibrated weighting scale, blood pressure machine, thermometers

IV stands

Emergency drug cart

ECG machine

Multiple exam rooms per site

Infusion/Procedure room


Calibrated -80°c freezer and temperature-controlled refrigerator

Centrifuge and refrigerated centrifuge

On-site blood draw and quantiFERON testing

Facility for overnight PK study


Dedication. Quality. Results.

Premier Clinical Trial Network is a dedicated team comprised of physicians and other clinical research professionals who are passionate about patient care and delivering quality clinical trial data through state of the art technology.
We use high-fidelity database computing technology, allowing for less expensive and more efficient processing of critical data. Our team is always open to learning and feedback, and committed to make the necessary changes to exceed standards.

Therapeutic Expertise

Internal Medicine
Women's Health
Family Medicine
Virology (HIV)
Endocrine and Metabolics